Special Offering of Shorthorn Semen

 Shorthorn Select Semen (SSS) was fortunate to purchase the semen tanks from a Shorthorn breeder who had been in business for over 60 years. As a result SSS is now offering rare semen on a number of Shorthorn bulls from the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s at very low prices.

All semen in this offering is sold “as is”. Some information (including genetic testing) is available on each of these bulls on the American Shorthorn Association (ASA) website (the green ASA # of each bull below is a clickable link), but Seller has no additional knowledge regarding the genetic defect status of these bulls. Not all bulls are AI Certified by ASA but calves can still be registered if ASA genetic testing requirements are met. Please contact us by email if you have any questions.

If you wish to make an online purchase of any of these bulls, please click on the “Online Purchase” Button below, then select the bull and the semen quantity as indicated. If you wish to make payment with a check, please contact SSS directly via “Email” button, because the online links and checkout are only for credit card purchases. (Shipping fees are not included in the Shorthorn Select Semen purchase price because shipping is handled by Hawkeye Breeders.)

Bulls For Sale That Are At Hawkeye Breeders in Adel, Iowa

Pictures of some of these bulls are available by clicking on the “Online Purchase” button below—(no money involved to look at the photos.)

1. AF Warrior 195 (ASA 3885372) 10 straws $20/straw

(National Champion Shorthorn Bull in 1992)

2. Cedar Curve Power Trac (ASA 3864534) 10 straws $10/straw

3. CEG Golden Doc 405th (ASA 3777899) 9 straws $15/straw

4. Deer Park Leader 13th (ASA 3684143) 8 straws $75/straw Sold Out

5. Echodale Top Draft 3A (ASA 3889191) 10 straws $20/straw

6. Eionmor Port-O-Call (ASA 4001322) 5 straws $15/straw

7. GFS Creole 9390 ET (ASA 3961249) 5 straws $25/straw Sold Out

8. GM Irish Special (ASA 3700248) 5 straws $25/straw

(National Champion Shorthorn Bull in 1983)

9. GR Combo (ASA 3818499) 8 straws $10/straw

10. Green Ridge Courier ET (ASA 3915026) 5 straws $20/straw

11. HS Instant Enticer (ASA 3807192) 9 straws $15/straw

12. J G Red Cloud (ASA 3947054) 5 straws $20/straw

13. LBB Sonny California 07 ET (ASA 4140253) 10 straws $20/straw

14. Little Cedar Cabrera (ASA 4188693) 13 straws $30/straw Sold Out

15. Millbrook Ransom G9 (ASA 3550480) 6 amps $20/amp Sold Out

16. Phildon Cunia Dividend (ASA AR20454) 2 straws $20/straw Sold Out

17. Rocklands Drake (ASA 3791564) 2 straws $25/straw Sold Out

18. SBF New Horizon A8 (ASA 3896454) 10 straws $20/straw

19. Shadybrook Scotty (ASA 4019964) 10 straws $15/straw

20. WHR Sonny 8114 (ASA 4009301) 2 straws $300/straw Sold Out

21. 3W Payoff (ASA 3781551) 10 straws $15/straw

22. CCS Irish Dimension (ASA 3784978) 4 straws $25/straw Sold Out

23. SPS Deerpark Drak OF 92 (ASA 3905788) 7 straws $25/straw Sold Out