Mandalong Super Elephant.jpeg

Mandalong Super Elephant

Registr. # 3610693           Birth Date:   11/09/1970

       Sire:    ALICE DOWNS KNIGHTLY 28TH    #A671525

       Dam:    MANDALONG MADGE 2ND     # A632477


Mandalong Super Elephant was the Supreme Champion Polled Shorthorn Bull at the 1973 Sydney Royal Easter Show--Australia’s most prestigious Shorthorn Show.  His mature weight was 2735# so he was quite a large bull.  He was used extensively in both the USA and Canada during the 70’s.  His pedigree in many ways complements that of Mandalong Super Flag.  Several Super Elephant sons were used as herd sires in Canada and the USA.


Mandalong Super Flag

Registr. # 3521872             Birth date:  10/02/1971

        Sire:    ALICE DOWNS SUPREME 27TH  # A6701524 

        Dam:    MANDALONG ROANY 20TH   # A681486

Mandalong Super Flag at 8 mo. old, weight 962 lbs.

Mandalong Super Flag at 8 mo. old, weight 962 lbs.

Mandalong Super Flag was probably the greatest bull ever to migrate to Canada from Australia.  His influence on Canadian Shorthorn genetics is unparalleled and is demonstrated by how many Canadian Shorthorns have Flag multiple times in their pedigrees.  He was purchased as a 8 month old calf by Dr. G. Carter of Alberta, Canada from Mr. Rick Pisaturo who owned Mandalong Stud in Australia.  As a two year old Flag was shown at The National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado where he was named Supreme Champion Shorthorn—an accomplishment no other foreign bull has ever had.  Because of his size, smoothness, and the quality of his offspring he was a game changer in North American Shorthorn genetics.  He was a bull ahead of his time.  Recently (December, 2016) we had a chance to spend 2 days with Rick Pisaturo.  It was fascinating to listen to him describe the evolvement of Shorthorns in Australia and how he developed Mandalong Shorthorns.  Talk about a history lesson.  He is still “sharp as a tack” at 94.

Manitoba Sunrise.jpeg

Manitoba Sunrise

Registr. # 3734473 Birth Date: 1/13/1981

Sire: Crestdale Super Flag 14G #3734473

Dam: Hwellen Riverhurst Lass 73 C626296

Manitoba Sunrise’s sire, Crestdale Super Flag, was the Grand Champion Beef Shorthorn Bull at the World Shorthorn Congress in Calgary, Manitoba in 1980. He had previously sold for $41,500. Manitoba Sunrise was bred by William Acheson of Somerset, Manitoba. He was sold to Lynn Ewald, Fair Acres Stock Farm, Waldorf, Minnesota. Manitoba Sunrise had a successful show career and has sired some excellent offspring that have very successful in their own right.

Maxton Bold Crusader.jpeg

Maxton Bold Crusader

Registr. # 3740744 Birth Date: 12/18/1978

Sire: Eathorpe Bellringer #S351376

Dam: Maxton Songstress 8th #S208968

Maxton Bold Crusader was the Grand Champion Dual Purpose bull and high seller at the 1980 World Shorthorn Congress in Calgary, Manitoba. He was consigned by David Spalton of Derbyshire, England. He was purchased by Sanford Farms, Meadowvale, Ontario. His dam had a milk record of over 16,000 pounds which was high for a Dual Purpose cow. He was used extensively in Canada and the USA.

Meadowbrook Chief 2D.jpeg

Meadowbrook Chief 2nd

Registr. ASA # 3662407 Birth Date: 03/9/1977


Dam: Meriville Saga Susan Bee 4 ASA # sx3659267

Chief 2nd was a great son of the famous Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th bull. Chief 2nd was purchased by the Windholme herd of Virginia where he was the main herd bull for several years. Chief’s daughters were excellent milkers in the true tradition of the Meadowbrook herd. Chief 2nd was well known for the daughters he produced.

Meadowb.Ch.9th copy.jpg

Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th

Registr.  ASA# 3540863           AMSS# 329245   

Birth date:  09/01/1966

        Sire:    MEADOWBROOK PREMIER 3D  # M307974 

        Dam:    MEADOWBROOK LASSIE 3D   # M182291

Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th daughters were extremely popular in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s because of their quality udders and milking ability.  His dam, Meadowbrook Lassie 3D was the prototypical Shorthorn cow.  The Clarence Forgey Meadowbrook herd was truly Dual Purpose with some Meadowbrook steers winning carcass championships in Indiana.  A search of native Shorthorn pedigrees will quickly show the influence of Chieftain 9th. 


Meadowbrook Prince 16th

Meadowbrook Prince 16th.png

Registr. # 3594057             Birth Date:  ?

          Sire:     Pride's Top Flight 3D   # P274165

          Dam:   Wexvale Pride's Princess  # x276124

Prince 16th comes from the popular Meadowbrook herd with his dam, Wexvale Pride’s Princess also the dam of Meadowbrook White Cloud 4th.  She was a large cow that was very complete.  Prince’s grand dam, Lakeside Princess 4th was probably the most influential cow in the famed Wexvale herd.

Melbrose Stronghold (1).jpg

Melbros Stronghold

Registr. # 3533466              Birth date:  08/21/1971

Sire:            EVERGREEN GERNER   # C426389

Dam:           MAPLEVILLE WILD MIMOSA 2  # C515047


Melbros Stronghold, otherwise known as “Champagne”,  was a Certified Meat Sire and Sire of the Year in Shorthorns.  His offspring won National Championships in the showing and in carcass contests.  He was the most complete accepted Dual Purpose bull in the breed during the early 1970’s.  His daughters were very thick and fleshy.  He was used extensively in the Windholme herd in Virginia.


Merriwong Smuggler

Registr. # 3522502              Birth date:   09/15/1971

        Sire:    MERIWONG OXLEY  # A6703284

        Dam:    MERIWONG BEATRICE  # A6702551

American Breeders Service (ABS) imported Merriwong Smuggler from Australia for  semen sales.  The Merriwong herd in Australia was very well known and some of their Shorthorns were used in the foundation of the Mandalong Shorthorn herd.  Smuggler was not a large bull but he was balanced.  His pedigree dovetails with many of the better Australian genetics of the time.

Mollie's Defender Adair.png

Mollie’s Defender Adair

Registr. # 3668667            Birth Date:   07/03/1976

         Sire:    DEFENDER MAZENA ADAIR   #3668664

         Dam:     ECHO'S MOLLIE CHERRY   # 3668111

Mollie’s Defender Adair, nicknamed “Surge”, was Supreme Champion bull at the Polled Congress in the early 1980’s.  He sold for $18,500 which was a high price at the time.  He had large body mass with excellent muscling in a frame size that compliments the needs of today’s Shorthorn breeder.

Mr. MINOT.png

Mr. Minot

Registr. # 3582796 Birth Date: 7/17/1974

Sire: Spiro ASA #3534243

Dam: Miss Springfield ASA #3540014

Mr. Minot was another Graham Land Livestock bull. His sire, Spiro, was famous for his award winning ribeye measurements while his dam, Miss Springfield was National Champion heifer. He had a weaning weight of 757# and sold for $7000 at the Graham’s dispersal sale in 1975. He was purchased and then promoted by Clarence John & Sons of Cottonwood, Minnesota. Mr. Minot was a true Dual Purpose bull.

Nelco McLeod copy.jpg

Nelco McLeod

Registr. # 3664994            11/22/1977

         Sire:   HILLTOP LANCER 457   #3573050

         Dam:   NELCO STELLA'S MISSIE 3rd   #3600522

Nelco Mcleod was a long bodied, well muscled bull who produced excellent females.  His dam, Nelco Stella’s Missie 3rd, embodied many of the traits today's Shorthorn breeders are trying to bring back.  She was large volumed with a very feminine look.

newbiggon jumbo.png

Newbiggon Jumbo

Registr. # 3690302 Birth Date: 3/12/1977

Sire: Mandalong Super Elephant # 3610693

Dam: Mandalong Roany 51st # 3649027

Newbiggon Jumbo is a Canadian bull from Newbiggon Polled Shorthorns in Calgary, Alberta. He was a homozygous polled bull that was used extensively in Canada and the USA Both his dam and sire are Australian from the Mandalong herd. Mandalong Roany 51st was actually imported into Canada to be used as a foundation female.

Nodak's King Tradition.jpeg

Nodak King’s Tradition

Registr. # 3564969 Birth Date: 1/5/1970

Sire: King Roan Beauty ASA #309969

Dam: NodaK Countess Trudy ASA #295222

Nodak’s Kinkg Tradition from the Schlekewy Milking Shorthorn herd in North Dakota. He was purchased by Carvin & Gerald Guy of Velden, South Dakota who owned the Hilltop Ranch. Nodak’s King ’s Tradition went on to sire 2 National Champion bulls, one being Hilltop Lanncer 457. He also sired one National Champion Cow. Nodak’s King Tradition was a very popular bull in the Shorthorn breed in the early 70’s. His daughters were robust with a lot of depth.

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