JAF Major Duke.jpeg

JAF Major Duke 78

Registr. # 3674390            Birth date:  09/02/1978

          Sire:    THORNWOOD MAJOR  # 3538036

          Dam:    WEXVALE BONNIE LOIS   # 3580506 

The JAF Major Duke 78 dam came from the famous Wexvale herd that was strong in all Dual Purpose Shorthorn characteristics.  His sire, Thornwood Major had a significant impact on the Shorthorn breed.  JAF Major Duke 78 was the senior sire at the Woodside herd in Pennsylvania for several years producing many winning show and sale Shorthorns.

JLP Cavalier 8th.jpg

JLP Cavalier 8th

Registr. # 3581972 Birth Date: 4/4/1974

Sire: JPL Cavalier #3451046

Dam: JPL Augusta S #3390628

R. W. Parrott of Woonsocket, South Dakota was the breeder of JPL Cavalier 8th. His sire, JPL Cavalier, was a popular bull in the early seventies and used extensively by Melbourne Farms. JPL Cavalier 8th’s thick muscularity was seen in his offspring. A picture of JPL Cavalier 8th was used in a promotional mat.

KC Clipper Duke rear.jpeg

KC Clipper Duke

Registr.  # 3294679             Birth Date:   10/05/1966

          Sire:   CLIPPER KING OF BAPTON   #3166347

          Dam:    JUST DUCHESS     #2883624


He was sired by the famed Clipper King of Bapton bull who reached the unheard weight of over 2600# at the time.  Clipper Duke was a popular bull in the late 60’s because of movement to a larger Shorthorn.


Kenmar Leader 13B

Registr. # 3464086              Birth date:    (Approx. 1972)

          Sire:    KINNABER LEADER 9TH   # 3457203

          Dam:   KENMAR AUDREY 36Y   # C580609

Kenmar Leader 13B has a fascinating pedigree that brings together much of the great older Shorthorn genetics with his sire being Kinnaber Leader 9th and his dam a daughter of Pleasant Dawn Seal 2nd.  Leader 13B was a large bull.  The Kenmar herd was owned by Harvey Fulton & Sons of Birtle, Manitoba Canada.  It was one of the most famous historic Shorthorn herds in all of Canada producing many influential Shorthorn sires.


Kenmar President 26A

Registr. # 3411494              Birth date:  03/30/1969

          Sire:    KINNABER LEADER 9TH   # 3457203

          Dam:   KENMAR MAYFLOWER 14V  # 3411486

Kenmar President 26A (Maxi-Brute) is another Kinnaber Leader 9th son.  Maxi-Brute’s dam, Kenmar Mayflower 14V, is one of the most famous Shorthorn cows in all of Canada.  Her style and structure have made some say she was a powerful cow that would be cloned if she was alive today.  He was promoted as a muscle bull with a large ribeye.  His popularity as a potential breeding sire is high even today. 


Kenmar Ransom 5Z

Diamond no Photo.png

Registr. #(CN)426046 Birth Date: Oct. 2,1968

Sire: PLEASANT DAWN SEAL 2nd #3358731


Kenmar Ransom 5Z comes from the Harvey Fulton herd in Birtle, Manitoba, Canada. He was used extensively in the Jim Scafe herd in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. 5Z is a 3/4 brother to Kenmar Ransom 32Z with the difference being their maternal grandmothers. Compared to 32Z, 5Z was a better bull. He was bigger and thicker than 32Z. In addition he was polled rather than horned. Sired by Pleasant Dawn Seal 2nd, 5Z brings together many of the attributes desired in today’s Shorthorns. He is an extremely interesting addition to our collection of classic Heritage Shorthorn bulls.

Kinnaber Leader 9th (1).jpg

Kinnaber Leader 9th

Registr. # 3457203              Birth date:   06/14/1966

          Sire:    TPS CORONET LEADER 21ST  # 3098353 

          Dam:    BUTTE LEE FAIRY 7TH   # C522767

A really important bull in the development of modern Shorthorns was Kinnaber Leader 9th  Bred by Bob & Wayne Gordon of Souris, Manitoba Canada he was nick named “Big Gene” after Gene McDonald who was a representative of Shorthorn Country and an American Shorthorn Association field representative who loved the bull for his growth.  Several bulls in our inventory are either sired by the 9th or have him in their pedigree.  The docility, calving ease, and marbling of his offspring are excellent.

Diamond no Photo.png

LaPlata Stronghold

Registr. # 3717470 Birth Date: 1/18/1981

Sire: Melbros Stronghold ASA #3533466

Dam: La Plata Flossie Two Lass ASA #3594126

Laplata Stronghold brings together the best of the Shorthorn breed. His sire, Melbros Stronghold, was an award winning “Certified Meat Sire” and his dam was a double bred Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th daughter. He was bred by Rudy Griess of Sutton, Nebraska who owned La Plata Shorthorns. Later he was also used by Reuben Schantz of Beemer, Nebraska.

Lilac Par 18th.png

Lilac Par 18th

Registr. # 3173717 Birth Date: 1963

Sire: Par Defender ASA #2875011

Dam: Lilac Lady 58th ASA # 2922660

A son of the famous Par Defender bull, Lilac Par 18th is one the most famous and popular bulls from Haumont’s. Par 18th has many famous offspring with sons being used throughout the USA. He was a thick rugged bull that encapsulated many of the old Shorthorn genetics breeders are looking for today.


Lone Pine Grand Society

Registr. # 3522503            Birth date:   (Approx. 1973)

          Sire:    KELSO GRANDMASTER   # A6601734

          Dam:    LONE PINE WAKEFUL 1945TH  # A6500281

Lone Pine Grand Society was an Australian bull.  He was bred by Lone Pines Shorthorns who made significant contributions to the development of many Shorthorn herds including the famous Mandalong Stud. He was brought to the USA by ABS (American Breeders Service). The Lone Pine prefix in Australia is now owned by Spry’s Shorthorns of Australia.

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