Eionmor Mr Gus 80C.jpg_thumb.png

Eionmor Mr. Gus 80C

Registr. # 3944295 Birth Date: 3/19/1993

Sire: GAFA MOCHICAN # xC457263

Dam: Eionmor Camelot Ruby 94T #xC645681

Mr. Gus was a Canadian bull that was used extensively in both Canada and the USA. His daughters were very feed efficient with excellent milk production, and thickness. Mr. Gus 80C continues to be a bull that is sought by many breeders today; however almost none of his semen still exists.

Finial C.jpeg

Finial C Favorite

Registr. # 3596048 Birth Date: 1975

Sire: LaPlata Cornhusker ASA #3565520

Dam: Hi Plains Queenie 2D ASA #272123

Finial C Favorite was a more dairy oriented bull and came from the herd of Finial Farm located in Garden City, Kansas. He was sold to G. M. Kahoa of Cheyenne, Oklahoma and Earl Fieser of Norwich, Kansas. He was the reserve senior Champion at the Fort Worth Stock Show in 1977.


Four Point Major

Registr. # 3548630             Birth date:    05/04/1966

          Sire:     BALL DEE PERFECT COUNT  # 3473586  

          Dam:    NUPAR MISS LEA  # C518211


Four Point Major (known as Massive Major to many breeders) weighed in the 2600-2700# range. What set him apart was his ruggedness, size, thickness, and longevity.  In some ways he was a bull ahead of his times.  His daughters were especially good with excellent udders.

Great White Hope 2.jpeg

Great White Hope

Registr. # 3558438 Birth Date: 10/20/1973

Sire: Columbus ASA # x3540006

Dam: Clayside Cindy 2nd ASA # 3547331

This is a son of Columbus and the great Clayside Cindy 2D cow (who in her prime weighed over 2000#). ABS ultimately purchased the semen rights on Great White Hope. Most breeders believe that he was the thickest bull that Columbus sired. Great White Hope also had a very successful show career

GX Ridge Runner.jpeg

GX Ridge Runner

Registr. # 3642788 Birth Date: 11/14/1976

Sire: Columbus ASA #3540006

Dam: Sandy Ridge Donna ASA #3560874

GX Ridge Runner was sired by Columbus and owned by the Tacoma Cattle Company (Duane Sicht). He was a medium size (2300# plus) bull know for his gentle disposition. In fact he made an appearance on the Capitol Lawn in Jefferson City, Missouri in a promotion for Beef during May. He was used by many Shorthorn breeders during the early to mid-80’s with many winning offspring.


GX Spiro’s Plumber 528

gx spiro copy.jpg

Registr. # 3633163     Birth Date:  11/18/1975

          Sire:   SPIRO    #3534243

          Dam:    MISS SPRINGFIELD 2ND  #3540013

He was sired by Spiro who was undoubtable the most muscled of all the Graham bulls in the early 70’s.  His dam is Miss Springfield  2nd, who was a tremendous cow for the Grahams.  She incorporated the best genetics of the time as a linebred cow.  Her genetics include Scottshill Major Clark on both sides and the famous Thornwood Royal Dot cow who was also the dam of Abraham and Thornwood Major.  In addition she is the grand dam of Albo.

HHKA Buttercup's Prince 20th.jpeg

HHKA Buttercups Prince 20th

Registr. # 3544235        Birth Date:  8/17/1967

    Sire:  MYSHA PRINCE ALBERT 2ND  # 3557469

    Dam:  HHKA BUTTERCUP  # 280656


HHKA Buttercups Prince 20th was bred by Hub’s Shorthorns of Norton,  Kansas.  He is a linebred bull that through his sons, such has Hub’s Director and Hub’s Exceptional, he has had a significant impact on the Shorthorn breed.  He presents true dual purpose characteristics both in his genotype and phenotype.

Hilldale Commander-b.jpg

Hilldale Commander

Registr. # 2921415            Birth date:    (Approx. 1956)

          Sire:     HILLDALE COLLYNIE 60TH  # 2631065

          Dam:     HILLDALE MAY 3D   # 2292396

Hilldale Commander was bred by W. T. Bennett who owned the Hilldale herd of Connell, Washington.  He was never defeated in a show—as a 2 year old he capped his show career by being named Grand Champion bull at the the P. I. show (Pacific International) in 1959. One of his sons (Hilldale Commander’s Hero) was Grand Champion National Polled Shorthorn in 1965. Cattle out of him were top gainers and good carcass cattle.  He sired many champions at major shows and consignment sales.  His daughters were big cows that made tremendous brood cows—smoothly muscled, and great milkers with good clean udders.

Hilldale Geronimo.jpg

Hilldale Geronimo

Registr. # 2972208              Birth date:   03/24/1958

          Sire:    HILLDALE COLLYNIE 60TH   # 2631065

          Dam:    HILLDALE DOROTHY 6TH  # 2657196 


Hilldale Geronimo also came from the W. T. Bennett Hilldale herd at Connell, Washington.  He is half brother to the Hilldale Commander bull as they both have the same sire.  Structurally he is very similar to Hilldale Commander but overall perhaps slightly smaller.  During his time he was used on more commercial cows than any other beef bull at All West Sires.

Lancer 457.jpeg

Hilltop Lancer 457

Registr. # 3573050 Birth Date: 4/16/1974

Sire: Nodak’s King Tradition ASA #3564969

Dam: Scarlet’s Star ASA #3571452

Lancer 457 was the National Champion bull in 1975. He had the size and scale breeders were looking for at that time. He was used extensively in the Millvale herd in Fordville, North Dakota. A search of Shorthorn pedigrees even today will show far his reach was within the Shorthorn breed.

Hub's Director.jpeg

Hub's Director

Registr. # 3596098          Birth Date:  4/24/1975

      Sire:   HHKA Buttercups Prince 20   ASA # 3544235

      Dam:  HHKA Fantastic  ASA #  3557460


Hub’s Director was the epitome of a true dual purpose bull.  His dam (HKKA Fantastic) was literally a fantastic cow who was productive through her 16th year with 11 registered offspring.  Hub’s Director was used extensively in many Shorthorn breeding programs in the USA and Canada.  He had excellent smooth natural muscling that was transmitted to his sons and daughters.  

Hub's Dominator.jpeg

Hub’s Dominator

ASA # 3685331 Birth Date: 4/19/1979

Sire: Hub’s Director ASA #3596098

Dam: Hub’s B P Fantasy ASA #3601099

Dominator was used successfully in the HUb’s herd for several years. He was a medium size bull that had good muscle expression that passed through to his calves. His sire, the famous Hub’s Director, was was one of the most popular bulls of his time. The Fantasy cow line incorporated the best of Hub’s breeding.

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