Boa Kae Royal Oak

Registr. # 3414611           Birth date:     4/14/1963

          Sire:    ARIG WHITE CLOUD     # C381351

          Dam:  CARIG MAUD 103RD    # C467687



Boa Kae Royal Oak comes from the Canadian herd of Berwyn & Lita Wise.  He was used extensively by W. T. Bennett (Hilldale herd in Connell, Washington) crossing him on Hilldale Commander and Hilldale Geronimo daughters.  His daughters have excellent udders and are very smooth muscled.  Structurally he carried a lot of muscling without the fat of many bulls of his time.




Registr. # 3435102             Birth date:    04/16/1966

          Sire:    TPS CORONET LEADER 21ST  # 3098353

          Dam:    BUTTE LEE PANSY 3    # C548790 

Butte Lee Leader 45th was a Canadian bull that sired the top individual and top gaining group at the Douglas, Manitoba test station in 1970.  He comes from the famous Canadian herd of A. E. Philpott of Central Butte, Saskatchewan.  His pedigree is laced with famous productive Canadian Shorthorn genetics.



Registr. # 3534244                Birth date     04/20/1967

        Sire:     SCOTTSHILL MAJOR CLARK   # 3536807 

        Dam:     MARCIA VENUS   # MS312500

Clark was a large framed bull that tended to the dairy side of Dual Purpose Shorthorns that was bred by the Graham Land & Livestock Co. of Minnesota.  He was an extremely popular bull of the late 1970’s and early 80’s utilized by many Shorthorn breeders to move away from “belt buckle” (small) cattle and return to more normal standard size Shorthorns.  A search of modern day Shorthorn pedigrees will show the influence of Clark.



Registr. # 3540006           Birth Date    10/17/1969  

        Sire:    SCOTTSHILL MAJOR CLARK   # 3536807

        Dam:   GUCKIAN'S BETSY PET DAWN   # 3536808

Graham Land & Livestock of Waverly, Minnesota were also the breeders of Columbus.  He was a leading sire of both performance and show cattle in the early 1970’s.   His offspring included Grand Champion bulls and females at the National Western, Canadian Agribition,  North American Expo, and the Polled Shorthorn Congress.  He had a mature weight of 2450# and his calves had excellent rates of growth.  Milk production and udders were very good in his daughters.  Columbus was a complete breeding bull.


Crestdale Super Flag 14G

Crestdale Super Flag 14G.jpg

Registr. # 3715259              Birth Date:   04/18/1975

         Sire:    MANDALONG SUPER FLAG     # 3521872

         Dam:   CRESTDALE MAUD VERA 4B    # C594931

Crestdale Super Flag 14G was purchased at the Regina, Saskatchewan Bull Sale for $41,500.00 by a syndicate of 5 breeders in 1977.  He went on to be Grand Champion Beef Shorthorn Bull at the 1980 World Shorthorn Congress in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Probably his most famous son is another Canadian bull-Manitoba Sunrise.  14G weighed 2700# as a 3 year old.


Crestdale Super Flag 16G

Crestdale Super Flag 16G.jpeg

Registr. # 3645184               Birth date   (Approx. 1977)

        Sire:    MANDALONG SUPER FLAG   # 3521872

        Dam:    LUCY BELLE   # C568580

Crestdale Super Flag 16G is a Canadian bred Mandalong Super Flag son that sold at the Regina bull sale in 1977.  His mother was a super cow that was true Dual Purpose breeding tracing back to British Dairy Shorthorn breeding.