TPS Coronet Leader 61st

Registr. # 3261776             Birth date:  02/26/1965

        Sire:    CORONET MAX LEADER   # 2887446

        Dam:    ROSEWOOD CORONITA 56TH  # 3115123

TPS Leader 61st was half brother to Leader 21st, since Coronet Max Leader was their sire.  What sets him apart is that he is more of a linebred bull.  He was thick with adequate size.  He is not well known in the Shorthorn breed today but he has the potential, with proper matings, to propagate positive old Shorthorn genetics.


Tea for the Tillerman

Registr. # 3582798               Birth date:   07/23/1974

        Sire:    COLUMBUS   # 3540006

        Dam:    PRINCESS ELVA 4TH   # 3540015

Tea for the Tillerman, a Columbus son, was used successfully in the herds of several major USA Shorthorn breeders during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, including the Woodside herd in Pennsylvania.  He was line bred with Scottshill Major Clark on both sides of his pedigree.  He was a large stretchy bull that “brought a lot to the table”.  He added size while maintaining milk and productivity.  


Thornwood Major

Thornwood Major.png

Registr. # 3538036          Birth Date:   01/15/1970

         Sire:     SCOTTSHILL MAJOR CLARK     #3536807

         Dam:    THORNWOOD ROYAL DOT     # 297556

Thornwood Major is another Graham Land & Livestock bull that was used extensively in the 70’s.  He combined muscling with scale, as breeders tried to move beyond the “belt buckle” debacle.  Another important aspect was longevity.  His dam, Thornwood Royal Dot, was flushed at 16 years of age.  Cows with this ability are absent is today’s show-obsessed Shorthorns.



Registr. #  3769061               Birth Date:   11/09/1983

        Sire:     MEADOWBROOK PRINCE 16TH    # 3594057 

        Dam:    WEXVALE PRINCESS CASSIE      # 3562446  

Polar Bar combines the best of Meadowbrook and Wexvale breeding.  His great grandam is Lakeside Princess 4th who was basically the foundationcow for the Wexvale herd of Michigan.  She was purchased at 6 weeks of age and her influence on the Wexvale herd was extensive.  His sire, Meadowbrook Prince 16th, had a long positive track record in the Meadowbrook herd and produced many outstanding offspring.  Polar Bar combines the best of true Dual Purpose Shorthorn breeding.