Roan Harvest Duke (1).jpg

Roan Harvest Duke

Registr. # 3557467           Birth date:   04/11/1970

        Sire:    CHARBONEAU HARVEST DUKE  # 336766

        Dam:    RED BIRD LADY 3D   # 311219

Roan Harvest Duke was bred at Gustafson’s Wexvale herd.  Duke comes more from the dairy side of Dual Purpose Shorthorns.  He has an interesting pedigree that traces to some outstanding old Shorthorn cow families.  He was a bull that was safe to use on heifers.


Rosa's Commands 05

Registr. # 4105871            Birth date:  03/31/2005

        Sire:    PROMISE M COMMAND 97   # 3976776

        Dam:     ROSABELL 302ND    # 3991129

Rosa’s Commands is a very thick bull as shown in his picture.  He is linebred which makes him a strict outcross for many other Native “Heritage” Shorthorns.  He was used successfully for many years in the Hidden Hill Farm Shorthorns in both their purebred operation and in their custom meat program.  He was a true Dual Purpose bull.

Spruce Hill Image.jpeg

Spruce Hill Image

Registr. # 3700761            Birth date:  09/05/1979

        Sire:    CROMELLAR IMAGE SEAL   # 3582862

        Dam:    OAK GROVE'S ROSETTE 5   # 3637869

Spruce Hill Image was a white bull that goes back to Canadian Image and Hillview Hobo on his sire’s side and Par Defender on his dam side.  He was a tall bull by most standards, but was a very popular bull for his time.  He is useful in a Dual Purpose Shorthorn breeding program to blend adequate size with other genetic characteristics.


TPS Coronet Leader 21st

Registr. # 3098353               Birth date:  10/15/1960

        Sire:    CORONET MAX LEADER   # 2887446

        Dam:    NONPAREIL LADY 163D   # 2906288

TPS Coronet Leader 21st was a large bull in a world dominated at the time by small (belt-buckle) cattle.  He was a stout and thick bull that has sired many famous Shorthorn sires such as Kinnaber Leader 6th and 9th.  His importance to the Shorthorn breed should not be underestimated.  American Breeders Service (ABS) promoted him as a changer bull that would bring the Shorthorn out of the wilderness of small cattle into the world of functional productive cattle.  Leader 21st lead that charge.

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