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Bull Selection

Having traveled extensively in Australia and looked at Shorthorns, I am convinced that certain genetic lines can have a positive influence on Shorthorns in the USA.  The difficulty lies in identifying the specific bulls that bring the right genetics “to the table”.  The only bulls offered on the Australian Shorthorn Page of Shorthorn Select Semen will be bulls which I have seen and have shown they can deal effectively with the harsh conditions in the Outback without any supplementation.  If they do well in the Outback they can do well anywhere in the USA.

*We can provide advice regarding bull semen selection for matching a specific bull to a buyer's Shorthorn needs and objectives.  Initial contact can be via email or phone, but any subsequent follow up should be done by phone since email tag just does not work efficiently in discussing the qualities you are seeking to add to your herd.*

Unique K11.png

Bayview Unique K11

REGISTRATION    HT K11  (Shorthorn Society of Australia, LTD.)

Birth Date:  April 2, 2014             Polled

      Sire:    Lake Hawdon Don Bradman D11   (Aust. SDAD 11)

      Dam:     Bayview Miss Betty F17    (Aust. HT F17)

Semen Price  (To Be Determined, likely $65-$75/straw  Spring/Summer 2018)

Bayview Unique K11 was Reserve Champion bull at the 2016 Australian National Shorthorn sale in Dubbo, New South Wales and sold for $30,000.00. Shorthorn Select Semen is purchasing the USA semen rights.  The picture of Unique shows him after being in the Outback for 7 months breeding 60 cows with no feed supplementation.  He is polled, weighed approximately 2300# in the picture, and is a 6.5 frame bull.  I have personally seen this bull in Australia and he is the “real deal”.   Australian ownership is split between Malton Shorthorns (Peter Falls) and David & Marion Spencer.  His semen rights have been sold to several countries including Canada.  The calves pictured are from his first group of calves at David & Marion Spencer’s property in Australia.

There will be a limited supply in the USA—120 straws available publicly, which will be sold only in full cane (10 straws) units.  These will be sold on a first come/first serve basis.  We hoped to have the semen available in the U.S. by April 1, 2018, however due to import delays we currently do not expect semen to be available on Unique until mid-May.  Sorry about the delay. 

If you have questions or would like to be put on the list to purchase semen, Contact us.  Final semen price is yet to be determined but it should be in the $65-$75/straw range.

 Calf sired by Unique K11

Calf sired by Unique K11

 Calf out of Unique K11

Calf out of Unique K11


* Additional bulls will be added periodically *